When and where is Curves & Cocktails?
Curves & Cocktails events will be held in various cities nationwide. Our next event will be held in New York City on Saturday, May 8, 2010.

How do I buy tickets for the next event?
Click here to purchase your tickets online. A limited number of General Admission tickets will be available on the day of the select events on a first-come, first-served basis. However, VIP (Goodie Bag) Tickets are only available online. Therefore, we highly recommend that you get your Curves & Cocktails VIP Goodie Bag ticket in advance as they will sell out fast!

Is the Curves & Cocktails website secure?
Yes and we are constantly updating our ticketing system with the latest security software to keep your personal information safe.

Where are the tickets I paid for?
Weíve decided to do our part to help conserve the environment, so we donít print or mail tickets. Instead, we use a simple check-in system where your ďticketsĒ are held at the door under the ticket buyer's last name. Just bring a state-issued photo ID as proof of identification and weíll take it from there.

Do you offer Group Ticket Discounts?
At this time, no, but we will consider it for future events.

Do you offer special deals or discounts on solo ticket buys?
On occasion we do! Be sure to check in to for more information.

Can I redeem a special offer after I have purchased tickets?
Unfortunately, we canít apply these special deals to tickets that have already been purchased.

What if I canít make the event but I want a friend to go in my place?
We are happy to transfer your ticket to a friend so that s/he can attend. To transfer your ticket, please follow these three simple steps:
1) Make a photocopy of your state-issued ID.
2) On the photocopy, please write: "I allow (enter your friendís name here) to pick up the ticket(s) held under my name."
3) Sign and print your name on the bottom of the page and have your friend bring it to us at the event.

If your friend has this paper, s/he will have no problem picking up your ticket(s). Without this sheet, no tickets will be released until the ticket buyer (you) arrives ó sorry, but there are no exceptions to this rule. We cannot split up ticket orders, so once your friend picks them up, s/he will be responsible for distributing them to any of your other guests. Guests can leave the event to give the extra tickets to friends as they arrive.

I didnít make it to the event. Can I have a refund?
All Curves & Cocktails tickets are non-refundable, so make sure to put your tickets to good use! However, we can validate your tickets for the next Curves & Cocktails event in your city. Email us at for more information.

I couldnít attend the event, but I really want my VIP Goodie Bag. HELP!
We prefer that you transfer your ticket and have someone pick up your goodie bag in person. However, we will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at for more information.

Whatís in Curves & Cocktails VIP Goodie Bags?
Curves & Cocktails VIP Goodie Bags are literally stuffed with a variety of beauty and fashion items, in addition to special product offers. They vary from event to event (and even a little bit from bag to bag) so please remember that yours might not be the same as your friendís. You can check out the Goodie Bag section of the website for more info on what brands participate in our bags.

Can I bring my child to the event?
Curves & COcktails is for attendees age 21 and older. We ask that you respect this policy, make the apropriate plans and come out & have a fabulously fun time.

Is there parking at the event?
All events have limited parking available either on the street, in a nearby garage or valet service. For specifics on parking, please refer to the event reminder email (sent before the event begins) or check a map of the area for nearby parking. We encourage all attendees to take public transportation or carpool to the event so you can spend more time shopping and less time finding a spot to park.

Still have a question? Email us at and a representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

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